How to Decorate Your First Home with Designer Lisa McGough

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Lisa McGough, mother, blogger, and interior designer, is another fantastic multi-tasking woman. She lives and works in Houston, Texas. We hope this interview helps you with decorating your first home.

What was your path to becoming a designer?

I fell in love with design while decorating our first home.  I felt strongly about creating a loving, beautiful place for our little family.  I then began decorating the homes of family and friends.  Once my girls got a little older, I chose to go back to design school and start my own firm.  I have never looked back!

What are two words to describe you?

Habitually happy!  I am most comfortable in silly, fun and positive situations.

Tell us about your work.

Right now, I take on a 3-4 clients a year because I want to be home for my children.  I am growing the business along with them.  I love meeting clients and feel grateful that people allow me to help them with decorating their first home.  It is an important job and I love it.
What is your favorite part of your day?

In regards to my business, the favorite part of my day is when I present ideas to a client and see their eyes light up because they see the potential of what their space can become. That moment is magical.

How has your design philosophy changed since you began your practice? Since decorating your first home?

In the beginning, I listened to the client and kept within their comfort zone.  Now, I feel it is more honest to gently nudge them out to create the best space possible.  Also, I have a strong love for vintage art and furnishings; mid-century mostly.  I now discuss the personality that only vintage can provide a room so it doesn’t look “decorated” but welcoming and soulful. You don’t learn this on decorating your first home but maybe after the fourth or fifth home.

What has been your most challenging or creatively rewarding project to date?  

I am 90% complete on a whole home design.  The clients have been warm and open from the beginning, allowing me to create without boundaries.  The home is beautiful.  Each time I walk into it, I am taken aback by how incredible it has become.  I would love to live there.  I wish I had photographs to share, however, we are waiting until the client has her babies!
What has your experience been with decorating your own space?  How is decorating for yourself different from decorating for other people?  

I have treated this home as a design experiment from the beginning.  I am always changing wall colors, lighting and accessories.  Thankfully, my husband is down with my creative restlessness.  I try to choose high-quality, timeless larger pieces so I can easily change up the other elements.

It is much more difficult to decorate my own home than that of a client because I love so many styles.  There are so many good things out there!  It becomes a challenge, at times, to lock it all down.

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