Choosing Paint Colors: Designer Hints with Hilary Unger of Buy My Eye

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Today, we sat down with Hilary Unger from Buy My Eye to ask her a few questions about interior design. She reminds us that it’s important to keep in mind that paint dries down darker when choosing paint colors!
1. What is the best accessory to complete a room?    
Wall art can certainly make a room feel complete.

2. How do you decide on the color scheme for the room?

I like the color scheme for the room to be selected after the furniture plan is complete, and once the furniture and rug are selected. For example: Depending on the furniture layout, you may want there to be an accent wall. Then, the colors would be picked to relate with the upholstery, materials and area rug or carpeting. The color scheme is usually the last thing to be decided.

3. The secret to styling a mantel?    

Simple is better. It is important to pay attention to balance and shape in order to create ideal silhouettes.

4. Designer pet peeve?

A pet peeve of mine is furniture that is scaled too big for the space.

5. Without fail design hint that you have learned over your career?    

Always select paint colors that are slightly lighter than you want it to actually look, because it will seem darker once applied to the whole wall.

What do you think of Hilary Unger’s design hints? Agree or disagree?

For more information on Hilary Unger, Founder and CEO of Buy My Eye – check out www.buymyeye.net

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