Amanda Quinn: Being a good interior designer

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Taking inspiration from inspiration itselfgood interior designer

What was your path to becoming a designer? 

I have fond childhood memories of going to open houses on the weekends with my dad who loves Sunday drives. Sometimes I am taken aback by how I had the ability, as a child, to have a good eye to be a good interior designer and to find the beauty within the different homes, and ever since then I have always had this love of architecture, space, and the elements of design in all things. I actually got a degree in accounting, realized a cubicle was not for me, fell into a job working for a designer, and finally made the decision to start my own design company. I think that becoming a designer was more destiny than a path.  Design is what I am meant to do; I was given a natural talent and I cannot imagine any other career.

Tell us about your work.

There are a few things that make me a good interior designer: my love for people and my ability to find the beauty in all objects and things; my eclectic taste and my ability to think outside of the box; my ability to walk into, or walk through, a space and instinctively know and feel how the space should flow. When I’m in a new space, I can sense what could be done to the ‘bones’ of a room to make its function work better, and I can see how to fill that space so that my clients will be very satisfied with my work. I also have a love for finding cast-off vintage things and repurposing them, recreating them and bringing them back to life. By nature, I am a creative person and work with anything from mod podge to drills, and I think that this variety fosters my design abilities.

What is your favorite part of your day?

Some of my best design ideas happen when I sit on my patio with my dog and a cup of coffee in the early morning before we go on our walk.

Where and when are you most inspired? 

When my inspiration hits me it is unstoppable, but knowing when my inspiration will happen is unpredictable.  I chalk this up to being an ‘outside-of-the-box’ thinker and having a mind that never shuts off. I can look at a random object and it will lead my thoughts right to a design decision.

What has your experience been with decorating your own space? How is decorating for yourself different from decorating for other people? 

This may sound strange coming from a designer…when it comes to decorating my own space I struggle, because I constantly want to change things, I have no idea exactly what I want, or I become commitment-phobic. Now, when it comes to decorating for someone else, I fire on all cylinders!

What is one element that can draw a room together when it feels like nothing goes together?

An amazing area rug can pull a room together because it will anchor the space. Personally, I am a huge fan of the LOLOI Anastasia collection, because the rugs are gorgeous and work in with almost any space!

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