9 Feng Shui Hints for Selling Your Home

Our homes reflect our energy, an energy that is built up from the moment we move in. They keep positive and negative memories stored tightly within the walls, furniture and overall space of the room. And that energy transfers to buyers.

“Every environment is like a sponge, so if the people who occupied your home before you were happy and moved to a bigger home, you inherit their good chi or life energy,” says Judith Wendell, Integrative Feng Shui Consultant and Interior Designer of SACRED CURRENTS.

“But if the person whose office you take over was fired, it doesn’t bode well for your success.”



In order to maintain positive energy when selling one’s house, Roomhints spoke with three Feng Shui experts to find out Feng Shui hints to improve the energy of your home for when your house is for sale.

Hint #1. Depersonalize Your Space

Nothing is more distracting to potential home buyers than family photos and heirlooms. Not only do the items typically not match the décor, but they hold personal energy. So, while your grandmother’s clock may hold sentimental value to you, or you love those family vacation photos, it’s important to put those personal items away for staging. According to Anjie Cho of Holistic Spaces, removing the personal energy from your space opens up “energy so that it can be open to accepting other people’s energy.” This allows potential buyers to visualize your house as their own home.

Hint #2. Maintain a Neutral Color Palette

Press refresh on your space with neutral colors such as whites and grays. A neutral palette creates a clean and fresh look to the room, that removes the homeowner’s personal style and taste in order to make a blank canvas for the prospective buyer. “If you are working with a neutral color palette, anything from all-white to other neutrals, you can emphasize needed elements by adding colored pillows, art, glass objects, area rugs, flowers, and many other adjustments,” says Melissa Waite Stamps of Transformation & Design, LCC. Pro tip: avoid using bright colors and patterns, like orange or pink, that stand out and take away from the room.

Hint #3. Incorporate the Element of Fire

It’s on fire. The element of fire represents recognition and perception in the home. Fire helps guide potential homeowners to one’s house and shows them how to find it. Adding the element of fire to your home will add to the recognition. “One way to do that would be to actually replace all the lightbulbs,” says Cho. “So that kind of energetically on a spiritual level can boost your recognition.” Expert tip: select warm lighting that resembles daylight as buyers are most attracted to the softer lighting.

Hint #4. Utilize Plants and Wood Energy

Liven up your home with a well-curated display of plants both indoor and outdoor. Not only do plants brighten up the home, but they add color, purify the air and generate life energy. As a part of the wood element, plants represent wealth and the life force. “So, having plants in a home you are selling is auspicious,” says Stamps. “Plants also represent life force, expansion, and nature. Bringing plants into a still space creates energy and beauty. Having well cared for trees and landscaping on your property is also beneficial for the successful sale of a home.”


Hint #5. Dress The Entryway To Impress

First impressions are key, so dress the entryway for success by making it easily accessible for buyers. Guide potential buyers straight to your foyer with a well-lit pathway, and keep the entry of the home inviting and welcoming. “It is an art to create this uniquely in every home,” says Wendell. “However, if a home has an expansive view, add some flowers, plants, lighting or furnishings to stop the ‘chi’ from moving too fast through the back of the home. Or conversely, if an entry is dark and small, open the space with a large mirror, good lighting or art with a big perspective.”

Hint #6. Pay Attention To Doors and Windows

Your door is the opening to your home and therefore an opening to your energy. It’s the first perception, potential buyers will have of the house and are known as the Mouth of Chi. So, turn your focus straight to your front door to sell your house as it is the division between the outside world with your personal world. Maximize the meeting point of the worlds by maintaining a clean and well-maintained door front. “In Feng Shui, painting the front door a color associated with a Bagua Color can also empower a successful sale,” says Stamps. Repaint your door black, green, blue or red to draw in potential buyers. Also, Stamps suggests putting up a wind chime to call buyers to the door.

 Not only is a fresh coat of paint on the front door important but so are fully functioning hinges and locks on both the doors and windows. Avoid squeaky hinges and cracks to make the entries look brand new. Plus, let in natural light if possible. “If you have drapes, swag them or move them so that the maximum light can fill each room,” says Stamps. “Get floor to ceiling white curtains that also maximize light. Keep windows open for fresh air as often as possible. For outside windows, add flower boxes with brightly colored flowers for added appeal.”

Hint #7. Make Sure Everyone is On Board When Your House is For Sale

The decision to put your home on the market should be easy. But selling it is dependent on the energy of the homeowners. When one or two people in the home hold back on selling, buyers can sense the energy and not buy your home. “What happens is sometimes the house doesn’t sell and the truth is one, maybe the husband or the wife, is in a situation where they really don’t want to sell the house,” says Cho. “And when they really don’t want to sell the house, that energy comes through and it doesn’t sell because someone’s energy doesn’t want to leave.”

Hint #8. Declutter The Room

Decluttering goes beyond depersonalizing the space and into organizing the area. Remove unneeded furniture, lighting, and items to maximize the harmonious energy. Too many pieces invade the home and negatively impact the movement of the chi. “Clutter slows down chi, blocks entryways into the home and space,” says Stamps. “It also creates a feeling of heaviness and a feeling of the home being dirty, even if it isn’t. Clutter collects dust and stagnates chi.” By removing the clutter, it opens up the home for the chi to flow.

Hint #9. Focus on the Command Position 

In the command position, “less is more,” according to Wendell. The command position allows the chi to move through the open space and around the furniture. “For placement of furniture, this is the position that is farthest from and facing the door, with one’s back to a solid wall,” says Wendell. “A wide view of the room with the ability to see the door, while not being in direct line with the door, is also necessary for command. This placement is most important for beds, desks, and stoves.” In arranging the furniture with the door, this setup allows homeowners to see the door and not be surprised by those coming into the home.


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