3 Hints for Colorful Homes With Rachel Blindauer

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Colorful Home Decor Hints with Rachel Blindauer

San Francisco interior designer Rachel Blindauer is
known for crafting funky, contemporary spaces that appeal to anyone
looking for a bit of color and pattern to spice up their life.


We’ve rounded up 3 roomhints that will help you decide on the right color combinations to transform your home!

Lesson #1: Pick A Season, Any Season.

Decide whether you are a winter, fall, summer, or spring person, and then design following that color palette.

For instance bright, sunny shades of watermelon, turquoise or salmon
speak to a warm, spring-like look; while a gray color can give off an
impression of a cool “winter” tone.


Lesson #2: For The Kitchen, Go Bold. 


Photo Credit: BHG.com

It’s hard to pick one because it depends on the house/lighting/etc., but I love a rich Hollandlac color on traditional cabinets with mirror backslashes. I also like navy walls in a brown tortoise shell kitchen, and white modern kitchens with painted graphics.

Lesson #3: Seek Comfort Always


image above is of a classic home that was designed for comfortable,
casual living in a multicolor palate with a focus on navy and grey.

best accentuate the color scheme, we incorporated fiber cement objects,
and used natural wood bookcases to create further texture. The blank canvas in the kitchen became the perfect backdrop for family activities and social events with visitors.


Bonus Comfort Hint: When it comes to selecting anything from a desk chair to a sofa, ideally they should not only look good, they should be comfortable too.

When possible, I have people sit in the seating for an hour so they can determine if it’s comfortable enough for them. When you sit there that long you can tell how the seating will make you feel after a dinner party, movie, or part of the 8-hour work day.

We hope you enjoyed these hints for colorful homes! Adding color is a great way to add interest, dimension, and comfort to your home.

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